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Fællesaktiviteter på The Mark kollegium
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Fællesaktiviteter på The Mark kollegie
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Fællesmadlavning på The Mark kollegium

The Mark: Student Housing in Copenhagen with a Spacious Environment and Room for Everyone

The Mark is much more than student housing. The Mark is a community, a home, a family. We have a spacious environment, both literally and figuratively, and we have room for everyone. As a resident, you become part of a special community, and you have plenty of opportunities to leave your own personal mark on the daily life of the dormitory. The Mark is the ideal student housing in Copenhagen for those who want to create a secure base, develop personally and professionally, and establish lifelong friendships.

Student Housing in Copenhagen with Rooms to Suit Every Taste, Need, and Budget

At The Mark we have rooms to suit every taste and need. We offer bright, spacious, and well-equipped single and double rooms starting at prices of 5,400 DKK per month. This means you will have the opportunity to rent a room at an affordable price for students, and it is also possible to apply for housing benefits.

The rooms at The Mark offer the following:

  • Private bathroom
  • Small kitchen
  • Comfortable bed
  • Desk and chairs
  • …and much more!

Your future room has everything you need, and you have plenty of opportunities to personalise the decor with trinkets, posters, and more.

Experience Our Fantastic Common Areas of 3,000 sqm with Activities and Facilities for Everyone

The Mark stands out from the traditional dormitories in Copenhagen. We do it in several aspects, including community, activities, and facilities.
As a resident of the dormitory, you can enjoy our two-story common areas spanning a total of 3,000 sqm. Life takes place in the communal spaces, and we have made great efforts to ensure that our residents can have an easy, fun, and meaningful everyday life. There is room for individuality, and we embrace diversity.

The Mark offers the following activities and facilities:

  • Common kitchens
    • Fitness room
    • Ping pong tables
    • Cozy corners
    • Workshops
    • Café
    • Bar
    • Rooftop terrace
    • Laundry room
    • Parking options
    • …and much more!

We have created the perfect environment for personal and professional development.

At The Mark, you will have the opportunity to develop personally and professionally. Through workshops, courses, and events, you can learn about everything from cooking and personal money management to do-it-yourself projects. You will gain valuable tools and skills that can be of benefit to you in the future, while also strengthening your social abilities.

The Mark is close to forests and green areas – Only 20 minutes’ transport from the City Center

The Mark is student housing in Copenhagen with a highly attractive location. You will have a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and can also take advantage of the fact that the city centre is never more than 20 minutes away. The dormitory is situated near scenic areas consisting of forests and other green spaces, where you can take beautiful walks among beech and birch trees.

Dormitory in Copenhagen with a Focus on Social Sustainability

Social sustainability and sustainability in general are high on our agenda. We make great efforts to take good care of our planet, and we hope that you will contribute as well. We always strive to find the greenest and most sustainable solutions and prefer to collaborate with partners who prioritise the environment like we do. We have MOEBE as a partner, providing climate-friendly furniture that can be repaired, reused, and recycled.

Looking for student housing in Copenhagen? Attend The Mark’s Open House

The Mark could be a perfect match for you if you are looking for a dormitory in Copenhagen where you can become part of a unique and diverse community. To make it easier to decide whether there is a match, we recommend that you come to one of our open house events, which are held every other Thursday. It is also possible to book a private showing. Both parts are completely free and without obligations.